Dear Friends,

I have one mission in seeking your support and earning your vote for County Judge in Montgomery County, providing leadership that will lead our county government out of the era of backdoor deals, over-inflated budgets, out of control county employee salaries, projects that do not provide benefit to the citizens, nepotism and unethical decision making.  I understand the value of public service having spent over 15 years in the United States Navy between my time as an enlisted man, midshipman and a submarine warfare officer, I understand the value of private sector service as a Project Management Professional certified Project Manager in the oil and gas industry, with a primary focus in OHSA, EPA and Department of Homeland Security regulatory compliance, for the last 10 years.  Public service is a privilege and should be selfless; I am tired of elected officials who do not take their office seriously, do not understand that they work for the citizens and their actions should always be focused on the best interest of those citizens, not big business, not their friends and family and certainly not themselves.  I make two pledges to you right now:

1) I will visit every corner and everywhere in between in the county during this campaign as I want to hear from you and

2) I will bring honor, integrity and respect back to the leadership of our great county.

I hope that you will join me in this fight and together we can make our county an example of Texas hospitality and a place where everyone wants to live.

I am ready to work for you!

Visions of the Future

Created Together

Meet Jay.

Jay served for over 15 years in the Navy, having enlisted when he was 18, he found his way to the United States Naval Academy and graduated with a degree in Oceanography and received his commission in 1998.  He served as a submarine warfare officer on two nuclear powered fast-attack submarines and went on two deployments including a deployment to the middle east in 2003 in which his submarine was the first submarine to launch tomahawk missiles into Iraq at the beginning of the Iraq War.  Following his active duty career, Jay moved to Texas in 2007 to pursue a career in the oil and gas sector and completed his Masters Degree in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University and completed certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP).  He has worked as a Project Engineer and Project Manager, including offshore construction, managing a variety of projects and most recently focusing on consulting work for oil and gas owner/operators for OHSA and Department of Homeland Security regulatory compliance.  Jay lives in Porter, Texas with his partner, 2 dogs and his grandmother.



Jay has learned many things in his life, but the single most important lesson he has learned is the value of leadership with honor, respect and integrity.  He understands that leadership is about empowering others, respecting their opinions and to trust but verify.  He also knows that you can’t please everyone in every decision that is made, but every decision is based on the facts and the benefits for the greater good of everyone.  He understands the importance of asking tough questions, setting and enforcing standards and expectations and holding people accountable for their actions.  Being a great leader is not about taking the easiest path, it’s about taking the right path and this is the approach Jay has taken throughout his life and will continue to take in leading Montgomery County.

Jay Piano




TAX RATE & BUDGET:  Your property taxes have been on the increase in an out of control manner for far too long.  My first act as County Judge will be to compile the data on the county debt service and the projected revenue and take the rest of the budget in a line by line evaluation to eliminate wasteful and unaccountable spending.  We must ensure the county budget is allocating resources where they need to go; law enforcement, roads, bridges, community development and ensuring that our county is fiscally responsible and on solid fiscal ground as we continue to bring developments and new businesses into the county.  I will also continue developing relationships with our state representatives and senators to push for a responsible state budget that funds public education and infrastructure and lowers the tax burden on the residents of Montgomery County.

Additionally, there should be no conflicts of interest between the Commissioners Court and the appraisal districts when it comes to property appraisals and the setting of your property taxes.  This should be a collaborative, transparent and effective process to ensure that the county is living within its means and not burdening taxpayers to provide revenue for projects and budgeting that is not in the best interest of the citizens.  You deserve to know how your tax rates are set and how the money is being spent.


OVERSIGHT & ACCOUNTABILITY:  The Commissioners Court is charged with running the county business and the contracts that are awarded.  I will demand that contracts are properly managed and key performance indicators and progress reports are required on a regular basis for all county contracts which will be made available to the public.  If you want to do business with the county, then you will be held accountable for the deliverables for which you have promised to provide.


ROADS PROJECT PLAN:  I will work with the Commissioners and develop a Road Projects Plan that shows all the infrastructure projects in the county, key milestone dates, status of the projects and time frame for execution.  This plan will be available to you so you can hold myself, as your County Judge, and your Commissioners accountable.

COUNTY STRATEGIC PLAN:  I will work with the Commissioners and develop a Strategic Plan for the county.  This will be a 5-year plan that is a living document and continually updated.  The Strategic Plan will include:

  • A proactive response to population growth, especially in the areas of Public Safety and Infrastructure
  • Holding developers and special districts accountable
  • Evaluating county building and plotting codes to ensure they protect you, especially in flood prone areas in our county
  • Continued measures to bring new businesses and jobs to our county

LAW ENFORCEMENT:  The Commissioners Court must take a detailed look at how funds have been budgeted to our law enforcement and ensure that the levels of funding are appropriate to maintain resources, equipment and training as our population continues to grow at an amazing rate.


TRANSPARENCY:  The citizens of the county deserve to have transparency in how the county conducts its business and, more importantly, how the county spends your money.  I will implement transparency and conflict of interest policies which will include review, discussion and concerns raised in matters addressed by the Commissioners Court.  Public documents will also be made available to the public through the county website and not depend on a public information request to try and get information that should rightfully be available without such hassle.


INTEGRITY & ETHICS:  The citizens of the county deserve to have public servants that make decisions and conduct business with integrity.  This simply means that they do the right thing, no matter the consequences, or how hard of a decision it may be which includes enforcing a robust Ethics Policy and no longer allowing lip service to be the rule. I pledge to you that I will make decisions that are in the best interest of the county and its citizens and not put myself, my friends or big business before YOU.

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